The Horse Shoes

The 1851 census for Forncett St. Peter showing John Kemp, licensee of the Horse Shoes Public House

The Horse Shoes

The Horse Shoes public house was on what is now Long Stratton Road in Forncett End. The building, which is still called "The Horseshoes", is an 18th century timber-framed cottageThe pub is first mentioned in the 1790 License Register for Depwade and Henstead. In the 1794 register it was listed as the 3 Horse Shoes. In the 1851 census John Kemp (age 37) was listed as living at the Horse Shoes public house in Forncett St Peter. Kemp's occupation was given as bootmaker and public house keeper and he was born in Forncett St. Peter. John Kemp and his family were also recorded on the 1841 census, living at Forncett End, and Kemp is again listed as a publican. So it appears that the Horse Shoes was a pub from at least 1790 to 1851. By 1861 John Kemp was no longer a publican but had continued to work as a shoemaker, suggesting that by 1861 the Horse Shoes had closed down.

Licensees of the Horse Shoes:

Jonathan Moore          1790 - 1794

John Kemp                  1841 - 1851