The Forncett Archive

The Forncett Archive

This privately run and financed archive of material relating to the Forncetts has been growing since about 1997. Contributions, which help throw light on Forncett past and present, are always most welcome.

Settling in Forncett in 1995 my interest in local history was soon aroused by the widespread nature of the settlements forming the present parish, and interesting aspects of its past began to emerge. I began to gather information, so that I could appreciate the place and its past. Enquiries, principally about family histories, began to filter in at regular intervals.

By 2003 I thought I should formalize my interest and set up the 'Forncett Archive'. My aim is to create a centre for supplying information or provide advice on how to acquire that information. My stated intention is for all collected material to be eventually passed on in its entirety to the Norfolk Record Office.

A steady number of donations - many copied - photos, bills of sale, indentures (property purchases), invoices, receipts etc. have been forthcoming. I have also recorded a few conversations with local folk. They are all helping to add pieces to the jigsaw of the Forncetts in the past, although we cannot forget our present will soon be the past in the future!

If you have any enquiries about the archive please CONTACT me through this website.

John Webster (Chairman - Forncett History Group)