What was Forncett like in 1952?


To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee an afternoon Community Event was held at Forncett Village Hall on Saturday 4th June and many of the local groups had stands to promote their activities.

Forncett History Group decided to look back to 1952, when Elizabeth II acceded to the throne, and ask what the village looked like then. In a poster we documented the services and facilities that we had in the village 70 years ago, a great many of which are no longer present. We also used a map of the parish (taken from the 1946 Ordnance Survey map) to allow our visitors to see where all of these places were.

The poster and map are reproduced below.

1946 Ordnance Survey map of Forncett

Poster showing some of the facilities and services in the Forncetts in 1952

Our stall was extremely well attended and visitors kept John and Mike busy with their questions for well over three hours. It was very pleasing to see how much interest there is amongst the community in the history of our villages and from our conversations we identified a number of potential new projects to pursue. 

Detailed histories of nearly all the places documented in the poster above can be found within our website.