Do you remember the Safety Valve?


The Safety Valve pub stood next to Forncett Station (opposite the new development built on the old CPS site). The pub, which opened as the Railway Inn in 1851, closed its doors on 3rd December 1970 and was subsequently demolished. Unfortunately, we have remarkably little information about the Safety Valve during the 20th Century. 

The photo below was probably taken around 1912 when the landlord, Mr. Lemon Keeler, started a taxi business with two Model T Fords. This is presently one of only two photos that we have of the outside of the pub and we have none of the interior.

We would very much welcome any information or photos about the later years of the pub. For example, did the pub have a darts team or a bowls team? Do you recall who the recent publicans were? Can you tell us any more about Bob Keeler who was apparently the landlord in around 1940?

Although the pub closed only 50 years ago, it's very easy for the history to get forgotten. If you can help the History Group to record this information, please Contact Us, then it will be there for future generations.