Do you remember Forncett End Stores?


The Village Shop was an invaluable institution in village life for at least two centuries. Sadly, Forncett no longer has a single shop, but in times past the village had at least four general stores as well as bakers, butchers, bicycle shops and more! So, before memories of these places are lost for ever the History Group is keen to document them with photographs and stories of the shops and the people who ran them. The histories of many of the shops can now be found on our website, but we have yet to include Forncett End Stores which used to stand at the junction of Long Stratton Road and Tabernacle Lane.

Forncett End Stores after it closed down. 

There was a shop here since at least 1836 but we would really like to hear from anyone with recollections, and especially photographs, of the shop since 1940, when it was owned by George Tann. There were petrol pumps on the forecourt from the 1960's until at least the late 1980's and of course the Valiant Petrol sign still reminds us of this when we drive past.

Forncett End Stores - Jan 1987 (photo Phil Whiscombe)

So, if you have photos or stories relating to the shop and the people who ran it, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Merrick