The 1939 Register

Forncett in 1939

What was life in Forncett like just before the very considerable changes that occurred after WW2? Who was living in Forncett? Where were they living and what were their occupations? The 1939 Register offers a real insight into these questions.

On the 29th September 1939 a register of the civilian population of England and Wales was taken. This record - the 1939 Register - was to produce Identity Cards and to facilitate the issuing of ration books in January 1940. The 1939 Register is not a census, it includes less detailed information, but it does include names and exact dates of birth.

Members of the History Group have made an accurate transcription of the 1939 Register for the parish. The original images of the Register are copyright of The National Archives and were transcribed with their full permission. Because individuals' records remain closed for 100 years from their date of birth or until proof of death is produced, a significant proportion of the entries are redacted. Of the 723 people living in Forncett at the time we can presently see records for 536.

The "raw" transcription has been annotated to facilitate searches and the database can be searched by surname or by address. The Register lists a total of 205 dwellings in the parish but many of these had no specific name. Using a variety of sources we have identified the addresses and locations of as many of the houses as possible and in our database these have links to Google maps. The link will open the standard view of Google maps but you can then switch to the satellite view and street view to give more details.

Can you help us add to the Register?

The Register lists a total of 206 dwellings but many of these have no specific name, which means that it is difficult to know exactly where many Forncett residents were living. If you were living in Forncett in 1939, or had family who were, you may be able to help us by identifying some of the homes listed in the Register. If you can identify any of the "unknown" homes (ones without a Google map location) please CONTACT US and we will update the Register accordingly.