Forncett History Notes

Forncett History Notes


Whilst Easter is always an important time in the church calendar, the Easter of 1870 was a particularly important one in the history of St. Mary's church. Over the years the church had fallen into a very dilapidated state and the then vicar, Rev. John Edward Cooper, decided that a major renovation was required.

Forncett History Group started its 2022 programme with a meeting at St. Edmund's on Wednesday 16th March. The major item on the programme was a very interesting and informative talk by Philip Yull about the history of his house, Harley House on Long Stratton Road, which was built one hundred years ago this year.

Those Forncett residents who are regular attenders at the summer fete will be familiar with contests to "guess the weight" of something, such as a cake or a jar of sweets. However, back in 1910 local residents were set a more demanding challenge!

A fascinating story concerning local history occurred some time back, when I was able to view a so called "copy book". The manner in which this parchment-bound volume found its way into my hands is related in detail in The Forncett Flyer of June 2006 Vol IV No 6.

As Christmas approaches, some residents of Forncett will undoubtedly be looking back to the terrible floods last Christmas Eve and hoping that we will not see similar weather conditions again this year. Of course, the topic of flooding in the Tas valley is not new, indeed it has been a topic of concern for well over a century, as evidenced...

Our village hall in Low Road plays a central role in much of Forncett village life today and villages have always needed a venue for many social activities. Whilst pubs and churches served as important meeting places, activities such as village fairs and fetes often took place on fields and in barns loaned for the occasion by one of...